Fryma VME-120 Stainless Jacketed Vacuum Triple Motion Process Kettle/Reactor


1-Used Fryma Model VME-120 Stainless Steel Jacketed Vacuum Triple Motion Process Kettle/Reactor, Serial Number F425177.  Equipped with triple motion agitation (homogenizing/dissolving/scraper), vessel last used in the high end personal care products industry for similar products to toothpaste/shampoo/ointments etc.  Also suitable for the food industry for products such as ketchup/salad dressing/mayonnaise, etc., vessel has self-contained control panel for various functions, including variable speed controls. With self-contained vacuum pump and hydraulic power-pack for lifting and lowering agitation (Stock #8731J)


  • Capacity/Model: VME120
  • Brand: FRYMA
  • Stock #: 8731J