Gifford Wood/Greer 30 Gallon SS Triple Motion Kettle


1 – Used Gifford Wood/Greer “Agi-Mix” 30 Gallon Working Capacity Stainless Steel Jacketed Triple Motion Kettle, Model AGI-39, S/N 75103900473.  With a 39-gallon total capacity, the kettle has interior dimensions of 24 In. diameter X 24 In. depth. Jacket rated 45 PSI @ 293 degrees F., National Board number 580, Code Stamped. With double-motion scraper-style agitation, the kettle also has a high-speed homogenizing head.  With 7.5 HP3/60/208-230-460 Volt motor, as well as 3HP 3/60/230-460 Volt Explosion Proof motor, for homogenizing head and double motion agitation, respectively. Each motor has a variable frequency drive, the kettle has approx.1-1/2 In. diameter bottom discharge outlet with a hand-operated valve. The kettle features “tilt-out” agitation via a self-contained hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder. With a hinged lid, the kettle is skid-mounted with casters for portability (Stock # 8877)


  • Capacity/Model: 30 Gallon Agi-Mix
  • Brand: Greer/Gifford Wood
  • Stock #: 8877