50 Gal Crepaco Stainless Scraper Agitated Vessel, 100 PSIG Jacket, 3 In. outlet


1-Used Crepaco Approximately 50 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Scraper Agitated Process Vessel, S/N C-4985.  Interior dimensions approx. 30 In. diameter X 18 In. deep. Jacket rated 100 PSIG @315 Deg. F., National Board #5002, Code Stamped.   Equipped with side and bottom scraper agitator, top driven by 2HP 3/60/460 volt motor, kettle also has interior stationary baffle. With slight cone bottom, vessel has approximately 3 inch diameter bottom discharge with Lee “Fluid-Flo” valve, and thermowell (no instrument). On approx. 28 In. high stainless legs, vessel has stainless hinged lid.  Last used in Food Lab. (Stock# 8217)


  • Capacity/Model: 50 GALLON
  • Brand: CREPACO
  • Stock #: 8217