250 Gallon Walker Stainless Jacketed Pressurized Vessel, Scraper Agitation, XP


1-Used Walker Stainless 250 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Pressurized Kettle/Reactor, S/N 2440.  Interior dimensions measure approx. 52 In. diameter X 36 In. deep plus dished top and bottom heads.  Vessel is rated 125 PSIG in the jacket at 300 Deg. F. and rated internally 60 PSIG at 300 Deg. F., National Board number 642, code stamped.  Equipped with side and bottom heavy-duty scraper agitation, driven by top mounted Eurodrive 4.5HP pneumatic drive (air driven) for explosion proof environment.  Also equipped with interior stationary baffle and CIP spray-ball.  Top dished head has 18 In. diameter manway with gasket and hinged lid, as well as assorted top inlets.  With stainless side mounted staircase, vessel has approx. 4 In. diameter center bottom discharge outlet along with three side outlets, each measuring approx. 6 In. diameter.  On legs with casters for portability. (Stock #8452)


  • Capacity/Model: 250 GALLON
  • Brand: WALKER
  • Stock #: 8452