250 Gal Greerco SS Triple Motion “Agi-Mix” Kettle-Reactor


1-Used Greerco Approx. 250 Gallon Capacity Stainless Steel Jacketed Triple Motion “Agi-Mix” Vacuum Kettle/Reactor.  Equipped with J.C. Pardo and Sons Vessel (S/N 4329). Vessel dimensions approx. 48 In. inside diameter X 54 In. Deep, Vessel is jacketed for 100 PSI at 338 Deg. F., National Board Number 2127, Code stamped.  Internally rated 20 PSI at 250 Deg. F., and is suitable for vacuum as well. Unit has high speed homogenizing head top driven by 25HP 3/60/460 Volt motor.  Double motion scrape surface agitation separately driven by 5HP 3/60/220-440 Volt motor. Equipped with “tilt-out” agitation through self-contained hydraulic motor and cylinder. On stainless legs, Vessel has center-bottom outlet with valve as well as Allen Bradley panel and stainless steel starter panel.  Dished top head has quick opening bolts and 12 In. diameter manway with hinged lid and sight glass. (Stock #8324)


  • Capacity/Model: 250 GALLON
  • Brand: GREERCO
  • Stock #: 8324