200 Liter Bowa 316 Stainless Electrically Self Contained Jacketed Pressure Tanks (2) Portable


2-Used Bowa 200 Liter (Approximately 52 Gallon) 316 Stainless Steel Electrically Self-Contained Portable Jacketed Pressure Tanks, S/Ns 32645, 32643, 32648 and 32646. Jacket is rated 60PSI, internal pressure rating 60PSI as well. Tanks have oil in jacket for high temperature production, and are insulated as well. On casters for portability, Tanks have dished top with approx. 12 in. diameter center top inlet with lid and quick opening bolts.  Top lid has assorted inlets and each unit equipped with Watlow Heater with digital controls.  Equipped with center bottom outlet with hand operated valve.  With single phase, 110 volt electrics. (Stock #8018D)


  • Capacity/Model: 52 Gallon
  • Brand: BOWA
  • Stock #: 8018D