150 Gallon Hamilton Stainless Twin Action Scraper Kettle, 125 PSI Jacket


1-Used Hamilton 150 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Twin Action Mixing Kettle, S/N A1508-4.  Dimensions approx. 44 in. diameter X 34 in deep.  Jacketed for 125 PSI @ 345 degrees F, National Board #1229, Code Stamped.  Twin action agitation consists of stainless steel bridge with side scraping agitator and off center “bar style” counter current paddle agitator driven by 2 HP 3/60/220-440 volt motor.  With approx. 3 in. diameter center bottom outlet, with flush bottom valve, tank on 24 in. high legs.  (Stock #8115)


  • Capacity/Model: 150 GALLON
  • Brand: HAMILTON
  • Stock #: 8115