1,000 Liter Waldner Stainless Mixing-Homogenizing Vacuum Process Vessel


1-Used waldner approx. 1,000 liter stainless steel jacketed vacuum mixing/homogenizing process vessel, s/n 1126. Numerous features include side scraper agitator, internal paddle and propeller agitators, as well as separately driven self-contained inline homogenizing mill. With automatic hydraulic lift out of agitator assembly, kettle body is approx. 48″ diameter and has assorted top ports/inlets. With attached multi-function control panel which includes automatic opening and closing of bottom discharge valve, etc. With self-contained sihi motor and vacuum pump with stainless steel filter assembly. Full specifications available upon request. (stock #7435a)


  • Capacity/Model: 1,000 LITERS
  • Brand: WALDNER
  • Stock #: 7435A