100 Gallon Groen SS Gas Fired Scraper Kettle


1- Used Groen 100 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Self-Contained Gas-Fired Mixing Kettle, Model AH/1E-100, S/N 92868.  Interior kettle diameter measures approximately 32 In. diameter X 35 In. deep, kettle has electronic ignition. Kettle is jacketed for 30 PSI @ 300 Deg. F, National Board, and Code Stamped. Equipped with scraped surface agitation, the kettle was last used in the food processing industry.  This gas-fired kettle has single-phase electrics, center bottom discharge and a hinged lid.  (Stock # 8761)


  • Capacity/Model: Gas Fired
  • Brand: GROEN
  • Stock #: 8761