10 Gallon Waukesha Cherry Burrell 316L Stainless Scraper Kettle, 150 PSIG Jacket


1-Used Waukesha Cherry Burrell 10 Gallon 316L Stainless Steel Jacketed Scrape Surface Agitated Mix Kettle, S/N E-222-96.   Interior dimensions of this Hemispherically Shaped Kettle measures approx. 20 In. diameter X 15 In.  long.   Kettle jacketed for 150 PSIG @ 400 Degrees F, National Board # 4541, Code Stamped .  With heavy-duty scrape surface agitation with scraper blades.  Agitator driven by 1 HP 3/60/208-230-460 volt motor.  With temperature Thermowell and stainless steel sectional cover, unit has bottom center discharge with hand-operated valve.  Mounted on approx. 21 In. high legs.  Kettle was last mixing chocolate product in food industry.  (Stock #8410B)


  • Capacity/Model: 10 Gallon
  • Stock #: 8410B