10 Gallon Groen Stainless Steel Jacketed Vacuum Kettle/Reactor, 100 PSI


1-Used Groen 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Vacuum Agitated Reactor/Kettle, Model NVA/RA-10.  Kettle has interior dimensions of approx. 16 in. diameter X 16 in. deep.  Kettle is stamped full vacuum and is jacketed for 100 PSI @ 338 degrees F, National Board #86923, Code Stamped.  With scrape surface agitation driven by Sterling Variable Speed Drive.  Mounted on portable base with casters.  Additional features include Travaini 2 HP explosion proof Vacuum Pump and Groen Vacuum Receiver with bottom outlet.  Also includes Interconnecting Product Piping, Trerice Thermometer and Hubbell Light Gauge.  (Stock 7922B)


  • Capacity/Model: 10 Gallon
  • Brand: GROEN
  • Stock #: 7922B