10 Gallon Groen SS Electric Self-Contained Twin Action Scraper Kettle, Tilt Discharge


1- Used Groen 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Electrically Self-Contained Twin Action Scraper Agitated Mix Kettle, Model TDE/7-40, Serial Number 58298.  Kettle interior dimensions approximately 16 In. diameter X 14 In. Deep.  Jacket rated 50 PSI @ 300 Deg. F., National Board and Code Stamped.  With tilt discharge, Kettle has twin action tilt out scraper agitation, consisting of side scraping and counter current bar style agitation, as well as variable speed control.  Mounted on portable stand with casters, kettle has two piece stainless steel lid.  Electrical specifications 3 phase, 220 Volt on the agitation, and 110 Volt on the variable speed control.  Last used in the food industry. (Stock #8368)


  • Capacity/Model: 10 Gallon
  • Brand: GROEN
  • Stock #: 8368