Heat & Control “Mastermatic” GS-700 Continuous Gas Fryer Stainless


1-Used Heat & Control “Mastermatic” GS-700 Stainless Steel Continuous Gas Fryer, S/N 401195.  Equipped with approx. 20 in. wide belt, Fryer has overall length of around 11 ft.  With separate stainless steel stand for stainless steel starter box, 3/4 HP Centrifugal Pump and Vertical Basket Filter System.  Equipped with Heat & Control Model OHT Stainless Steel Oil Tank S/N 1089 measuring approx. 29 in. X 29 in.   Fryer has variable speed control top hinged lid and stainless steel framework.  Rated 250,000 BTU.  Electrical specifications:  3 phase, 60 cycle, 240 volt and 120 volt for controls.  (Stock #L1215)


  • Capacity/Model: GS-700
  • Brand: HEAT & CONTROL
  • Stock #: L1215