Fogg 18 Valve Bottle Filler with 4-Head Screw Capper


1-Used Fogg Model KG184-RH 18 Valve Rotary Bottle Filler, S/N 701785.  Equipped with 4-head rotary screw capper set for 38mm diameter plastic screw caps, filler has 1 In. diameter filling nozzles and centers of 7.25 In. valve to valve distance.  Equipped with Model D-LH rotary cap sorter and chute assembly (cap sorter S/N 777885).  Presently equipped with bottle handling parts for 1 gallon containers.  Electrical specifications 3/60/220 Volt. With stainless steel operator’s panel with emergency stop, machine has variable speed control. (Stock #L1345)


  • Capacity/Model: 18/4 Filler-Capper
  • Brand: FOGG
  • Stock #: L1345