Crandall A2/10PTS Filler, 10 Liter Maximum Fill Size


1-Used Crandall Model A2/10PTS Two Head Filler, S/N 6548.  Last used filling oil, machine can fill containers from 500mL to 10 Liter size.  This Pneumatic machine has mechanical weight tripping device.  Equipped with Approx. 16 in. Wide roller conveyor, there is an additional roller conveyor extension measuring 18 in. Wide. Capable of speeds up to 700 containers per hour on pints and quarts and up to 540 containers per hour on 8 Liter size containers.  (Stock #8090A)


  • Capacity/Model: A2/10PTS
  • Brand: CRANDALL
  • Stock #: 8090A