Patterson Kelley 1 Cu. Ft. 316SS Twin Shell Jacketed Vacuum Blender/Dryer, XP


1-Used Patterson Kelley 1 Cubic Foot Type 316 All Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Twin Shell Jacketed Vacuum “Solids-Processor” Mixer/Dryer, Serial Number C-269590.  Equipped with high-speed liquid dispersion intensifier bar, this vacuum blender/dryer is rated 100 lbs./cf Maximum density.  Shell pressure rated 20 PSI internally and full vacuum @ 250 degrees F., and jacket rated at 30 psi, National Board number 63247, Code stamped.  Equipped with 1 HP motor for intensifier bar, as well as 3/4 HP motor for blender tank, dryer is mounted on stainless steel base with leg extensions. Equipped with 6 inch diameter butterfly discharge valve. (Stock #8703)


  • Capacity/Model: Vacuum Dryer
  • Stock #: 8703