Patterson Kelley 60 Cu. Ft. Stainless Twin Shell Vacuum Formulator/Dryer/Blender System, Jacketed


1-Used Patterson Kelley 60 Cubic Foot Twin Shell Jacketed Vacuum Formulator/Dryer/Blender System, Serial number 244207.  Last used for Veterinary supplements, machine has stainless steel contact parts, and is jacketed for 15 PSI@ 200 Deg. F., Hydrostatic test pressure 90 psi,  National Board number 39626, code stamped.  On stand, system comes with Reimers HLR-45 Boiler for dryer jacket, Doyle & Roth Condenser, Stainless Steel recovery tank and Kinney 5 HP Liquid Ring Vacuum pump.  With 16 In. diameter pneumatic discharge (Stock #8680B)


  • Capacity/Model: 60 CU. FT.
  • Stock #: 8680B