Blentech Stainless Jacketed Horizontal Cooker


1-Used Blentech stainless steel horizontal heavy duty batch style jacketed cooker. Approx. 600 gallons. Especially suited for solid/liquid or liquid/sediment cooking such as “stock” manufacturing, bean, chick pea and other vegetable cooking.  Tank dimensions approximately 48 inch by 54 inch by 61 inch deep, cooker has hinged lid and Parker “D-Pak” hydraulic power pack unit.  Mounted on stainless stand, cooker has tilt discharge via self-contained pneumatic cylinders and approximately 2 inch diameter product outlet.  Tilt-out feature advantageous for straining, separating and independently removing solids and liquids after batch cooking.  (Stock# 7849D)


  • Capacity/Model: SM-5448-JX
  • Brand: BLENTECH
  • Stock #: 7849D