High Speed Tablet/Capsule Bottling Line


1-Used High Speed Tablet/Capsule Bottling Line. Capable of packaging up to 300 bottles per minute, this line was last running 90cc and 120cc square bottles and 38mm diameter CR Screw Caps. Line begins with Omega 4D-RP2-12 plastic bottle unscrambler and continues with Aylward ACT-520DL counter, Lakso 300 dual head cottoner, TCG 10 Head rotary screw capping machine, Enercon Superseal Max induction sealer, Weiler PRL-1500 rotary labeler with leaflet feeder/outserter and Universal 4 quill inline retorquer.  Also equipped with Pester automatic case packer with robotic palletizer, Pester case labeler and stainless steel bi-directional accumulation table. Also with miscellaneous conveyors, elevators, feeders, etc. (Stock #L1412)


  • Capacity/Model: Tablet/Capsule Bottling Line
  • Stock #: L1412