LB Italia Mixer/Sheeter/Laminator


1-Used LB Italia Mixing/Sheeting/Laminating System.  Sheeter portion of system has 5.5KW 3/60/230 volt motor.  Sheeter is equipped with two top-mounted mixing basins, one measuring approx. 16 In. Wide x 25 In. Long X 17 In. High (driven by 1.5kW 230 volt motor) and the other mixing basin measures 14 In. Wide x 34 In. Long X 16 In. High (separately driven by 1.5kW 230 volt motor). Laminating section separately driven by 3/60/230 volt motor.  Last used in fresh pasta manufacturing. (Stock #8323B)


  • Capacity/Model: Mixer/Sheeter/Laminator
  • Brand: LB Italia
  • Stock #: 8323B