Beseler “L” Sealer With Shrink Tunnel, Portable


1-Used Beseler Combination Semi-Automatic “L” Sealer/Shrink Tunnel.  Equipped with Model 1720-EM-A “L” Sealer, S/N 1085878.  This “L” Sealer has single phase, 60 cycle, 220 volt electrics with speed control.  This “L” Sealer supplied with Beseler T-16-8 Shrink Tunnel, S/N 00599390.  This Shrink Tunnel has an opening measuring approx. 16 in. wide X 8 in. high and has 3 phase, 60 cycle, 220 volt electrics.  (Stock #8108K)


  • Capacity/Model: Combination “L” Sealer and Shrink Tunnel
  • Brand: BESELER
  • Stock #: 8108K