350 Gal Zero Manufacturing Jacketed Scraper Agitated Tank

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1-Used Zero Manufacturing Approx. 350 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Cone Bottom Scraper Agitated Tank/Kettle.  Interior dimensions approx. 54 In. diameter X 37 In. on straight side, plus Cone Bottom.  Vessel is dimple jacketed on sides and cone bottom and is covered with stainless steel shroud for sanitary purposes.  With side and bottom scraper agitation with cross bars, driven by top-mounted 3HP motor and gearbox.  On approx. 27 In. High stainless steel legs, vessel has hinged lid and was last operated in food manufacturing facility.  With approx. 2-1/2 in. diameter center bottom discharge.  (Stock #8176B)


  • Capacity/Model: 350 Gallon
  • Stock #: 8176B