RMF Spiral Freezer


1-Used RMF Spiral Freezer, Model 3015(24)-95-CW-18.  16 tiers, 30 in. wide blue plastic belt, 3 in. spacing from belt to spiral curve.  850 ft. of belt with approx. 672 ft. in the cage area.  3,000 pounds per hour for a 3 in. diameter X 3/8 in . tall, 2 oz. product.  70 degrees in; 0 degrees out; 12 minute dwell.  Coil fans are approx. 7-1/2 HP X 3.  Designed for 56 ft./minute on belt speed.  Main drive motor is 5HP.  Take up motor is 1 HP.  156 gallons per minute flow rate on defrost.  (Stock #L1304)


  • Capacity/Model: 3015(24)-95-CW-18
  • Brand: RMF
  • Stock #: L1304