GEI/Mateer Neotron 4230 Dual Auger High Speed Powder Filler


1-Pre-Owned GEI/Mateer Neotron High Speed Dual Station Auger Filling Machine Model 4230, S/N 808830.  Equipped with two (2) 20 in. diameter Stainless Steel Agitated Product Feed Hoppers wih lids and front clean-out doors.  Each Hopper has two (2) motors,  one (1) for the fill auger and one (1) for the agitator in the Hopper.  With stainless steel cabinetry, machine has Mateer Microset Control Panel for controlling the fill volume.  With Syntron Vibrating feature for settling of product in container, Filler was last used in food processing operation.  (Stock # 8268Q)


  • Capacity/Model: Dual Auger
  • Brand: GEI/MATEER
  • Stock #: 8268Q