Oden GEN-3 Pro/Fill 3000 Dual Head Positive Displacement Filler


1-Used Oden GEN-3 “Pro/Fill 3000” Dual Head Modular Automatic Positive Displacement Filling Machine, S/N 2545.  Equipped with two (2) Waukesha Model 15 Stainless Steel Positive Displacement Pumps.   Filler has  stainless steel frame work and is on casters for portability.  Equipped with Stainless Steel Starter Box, Filler has approx. 19 in. Product Hopper and Self-Contained approx. 10 ft. long Indexing Conveyor, with approx. 4-1/2 in wide Plastic Conveyor Chain.  (Stock #8084F)


  • Capacity/Model: Pro/Fill 3000 Dual Head
  • Brand: ODEN
  • Stock #: 8084F