National Instrument Filamatic 8 Head “EpiPen” Inline Piston Filler/Capper, Sanitary Features


1- Used National Instrument Company Filamatic 8 Head Inline Automatic Sanitary Piston Filling and Capping Machine, Serial Number 021447. Last used for filling pharmaceutical “pen style” bottles, filler has approximately 17 Ft. long return “recycling” conveyor with dual plastic tabletop chain and pneumatic cylinders for synchronizing containers. Equipped with two bowl feeders and a “press-fit” capping station, machine has floor standing electrical panel. Also with Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 front-mounted control panel featuring variable speed controls. Filler has 3/60/208 Volt electrics.  Filler also has elevator for delivering product to one of the bowl feeders.  Ideal for filling epipen and other small vial/container sizes(Stock #L1440)


  • Capacity/Model: 8 PISTON
  • Brand: National Instrument Company
  • Stock #: L1440