Waukesha Cherry Burrell “Votator” A and B Shortening Heat Exchangers


1-Used Waukesha Cherry Burrell “Votator” Model 931975  “A” and “B” Shortening Heat Exchangers,  Serial Number 19900. Mounted in stainless steel structure, top mounted jacketed scraped surface heat exchanger has Serial Number A6587 and is rated 600 PSI@100 Deg.F, and jacketed for 300 PSI@130 Deg. F, Code Stamp, and is driven by 20HP motor.  Lower pin mixer heat exchanger has Serial Number B904, is has shell rating of 600 PSI@125 Deg. F, National Board number 1428, Code Stamped, and is driven by 5HP motor. Last used at major bakery factory in production of shortening. (Stock# 8334A)


  • Capacity/Model: Votator
  • Stock #: 8334A