Silverson Multi-Stage Inline Mixer/Homogenizer, 45 HP


1-Used Silverson Model 45/60 ULS Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Inline High Shear Homogenizing Mixer, Machine Number 45/6M1131.  Equipped with dual micro homogenizing rotor/stator, machine is driven by 45HP, 3/60/230-460 Volt 3565 RPM motor. Equipped with 3 In. Diameter tri-clamp inlet and outlet ports, machine is capable of producing a fine droplet or particle size, in the range of 2 to 5 microns. Machine is suitable for creams and ointments as well as lotions, sauces and flavor emulsions. Mounted on short stainless steel stand, Multi-Stage is for those applications where a higher degree of shear is required than from a single stage unit.  Mixer has multi-toothed rotor consisting of two sets of blades and teeth running against two separate stators.  (Stock #8623)


  • Capacity/Model: 45/60 ULM
  • Brand: SILVERSON
  • Stock #: 8623