Silverson 7.5 HP Stainless Steel Inline High Shear Mixer, 3 Inch Ports


1-Used Silverson Stainless Steel Inline High Shear Mixer.  Equipped with approx. 3 in . diameter tri-clamp sanitary inlet and outlet ports, unit driven by 7-1/2 HP 3/60/230-460 volt 3,500 RPM stainless steel “washdown” motor. Mounted on stainless steel base, machine last used in the food industry, machine has square hole high shear screen, which provides for high shear rates of soluble and insoluble granular solids. Also suitable for the preparation of emulsions, gels, and fine colloidal suspensions.  (Stock #8350)


  • Capacity/Model: LS450
  • Brand: SILVERSON
  • Stock #: 8350