Lyco Rotary Drum Blancher, SS


1-Used Lyco Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Blancher, Model 8700.  Stainless Steel rotary drum, 72 in. diameter x 12 ft. long. 2021 Unused Ampco centrifugal pump, Model MC+218-D-210TC, 2 in. diameter infeed x 1.5 in. diameter discharge, Baldor 7.5 HP motor, 230/460 Volt.  2 HP drum drive, 208-230/460 volt.  Infeed is 17.5 in. diameter x 53 in. tall to bottom. Infeed side has (1) 1.5 in., (1) 2 in., (1) 2.5 in. sanitary clamp fittings.  Each end has an 8 in. diameter cleanout door towards the bottom of the side, and each end has a 4 in. diameter discharge on the bottom.  Discharge is 20 in. diameter x 50 in. tall to bottom.  Discharge side has (2) 2.5 in., (1) 2 in., (2) 1.5 in., (3) in., fittings.  Has (2) internal steam manifolds running the length of the drum.  Has removeable hinged lid with pneumatic lift cylinders, cylinders can be placed on either side so lid can open one direction or another.  Air ventilation on top lid, 8 in. diameter.  Side has (4) 2.5 in. diameter fittings into manifold, and (1) 1.5 in. diameter fitting. (Stock #L1409)


  • Capacity/Model: Drum Blancher
  • Brand: LYCO
  • Stock #: L1409