Equamex Stainless Sigma Arm Mixer, Tilt Discharge


1-Used Ecuamex Equipment Company Stainless Steel Sigma Arm Mixer, Model ECMCT1000, S/N 32401681510.  Tank dimensions approx. 40 In. Wide X 38 In. Long X 40 In. deep, this mixer was last mixing a heavy corn “masa” and is driven by 20 HP, 3/60/208 Volt motor. Equipped with 2.5HP accessory motor for the tilt discharge, mixer has stainless steel cabinetry, stainless hinged lid and stainless steel starter box. Equipped with two variable frequency drives, one for mixing arm and one for tilt discharge to allow for variable speed operation. (Stock #8300H)


  • Capacity/Model: 1,000 Lb.
  • Brand: Ecuamex Equipment Company
  • Stock #: 8300H