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2,200 Gallon Pesch Stainless Steel Vertical Mix Tank, Dished Bottom


1-Used Pesch approx. 2,200 gallon  Stainless Steel Vertical Mix Tank.  Dimensions approx. 81 in. diameter X 90 in. on the straight side plus dished bottom head.  On approx. 20 in.  high stainless steel legs, Tank has lid and approx. 2 in. diameter center bottom outlet with hand operated valve.   Equipped with top mounted Lightnin 3 HP, 3/60/230-460 volt and Lightnin 3.5 HP, 3/60/220-440 volt explosion proof agitator drives, for the two stainless steel shafts with propellers.  (STOCK #7812E)

Item number: 7812E
Capacity/Model: 2,200 Gallon
Brand: Pesch
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