1,000 Gal. 316 Stainless Steel Reactors


2-Unused 1,000 gallon fully jacketed reaction vessels. Each unit measures approx. 60″ i.d. X 5’6″ on the straight side, plus bolted dished head and welded bottom, each about 10″ deep. Shell & shell heads constructed of 316 stainless steel 20% clad. Shell straight sides 3/8″ thick, dished shell bottom 7/16″ thick. Shell & both heads are jacketed in accordance with asme code. Shell design pressure: full vacuum at 500 deg.f. Jacket 30 psig at 500 deg.f. Each has two headers into which are welded 22 serpentine coils 316ss about 5/8″ dia. Each serpentine about 60 lineal ft.


  • Capacity/Model: 1,000 GAL.
  • Brand: VULCAN
  • Stock #: 1428KL