GEI Mateer Burt PPM Auto Pressure Sensitive Spot/Wraparound Labeler, with Coder


1-Used GEI Mateer Burt PPM Automatic Pressure Sensitive Spot/Wraparound Labeling Machine. Features Mateer Burt Model 160-WA labelling head (Serial Number 809055), capable of handling labels up to approximately 6-1/2 inches high.  Machine has motorized conveyor with spacer wheel and 4-1/2 inch wide plastic tabletop chain.  With wraparound belt, machine is on casters for portability and has Eurocode 180 date coder. Equipped with front mounted control panel with variable speed controls. (Stock # 8268E)


  • Capacity/Model: PPM
  • Brand: MATEER BURT
  • Stock #: 8268E