80 Gallon Lee Stainless Double Motion Scraper Kettle, 90 PSI Jacket


1-Used Lee 80 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Double Motion Scrape Surface Agitated Kettle, Serial number 995S. Interior dimensions approximately 36 inch diameter by 25 inch deep.  Jacket rated 90PSI at 330 Deg. F., National Board and Code Stamped. Kettle has double motion scrape surface agitation and can also be supplied with accessory clamp-on propeller agitation at additional cost.  Equipped with top-mounted variable speed drive, kettle is mounted on portable base with casters and has bottom discharge outlet with valve. With motorized hoist for tilt out of agitator assembly.  Last used in pharmaceutical production.  (Stock #8467)


  • Capacity/Model: 80 GALLON
  • Brand: LEE
  • Stock #: 8467