200 Gallon Groen Double Motion Mixing Kettle, 316 Stainless


1-Used Groen 200 Gallon Type 316 Stainless Steel Jacketed Double Motion Mixing Kettle, Model DA-200, Serial Number 128504.  Interior dimensions 48 In. diameter X 36 In. Deep.  Jacket rated 100 PSI@ 338 Deg. F., National Board and Code Stamped. With double motion scraper agitation with two top mounted drive motors, kettle is on 33 In. high stainless steel legs, there is a 3 In. diameter Tri-Clamp discharge with hand operated 3 In. valve. With stainless steel sectional lid, kettle was last used in food industry for mixing pie fillings, preserves and sauces. (Stock # 8389)


  • Capacity/Model: 200 Gallon
  • Brand: GROEN
  • Stock #: 8389