1,000 Gallon Lee 316 Stainless Steel Scraper Agitated Kettle, 100 PSI Jacket


1-Used Lee 1,000 Gallon Type 316 Stainless Steel Jacketed Scrape Surface Processor/Kettle.  Dimensions approx. 68 in. diameter X 72 in. on the straight side.  Vessel jacketed for 100 PSI @ 338 degrees F, National Board and Code Stamped.  Equipped with side and bottom scraper agitation, Vessel has top mounted 5 HP agitator drive and approx. 3 in. diameter center bottom outlet.  Overall height is approx. 148 in. and Vessel has split top lid and CIP spray ball. (Stock #L1374)


  • Capacity/Model: 1,000 Gallon
  • Brand: LEE
  • Stock #: L1374