24 Nozzle Stainless Steel Counter-Pressure Isobaric Automatic Rotary Liquid Filling Machine


1 – Used 24 Spout Stainless Steel DY Series Isobaric Automatic Rotary Liquid Filling Machine.  Last filling energy drinks in 16 oz. bottles, the filler has 5-1/2 centers “spout to spout”.  With “rising platforms”, this counter-pressure (CO2) filler is advantageous for controlling the atmosphere while filling beverages and similar products.  With stainless steel enclosure, filler has front mounted control panel, and motorized infeed and discharge conveyor measuring 78 In. long on one side and 42 In. long on other side (Stock # 8708A)


  • Capacity/Model: 24 Nozzle
  • Stock #: 8708A