Bossar B-2500 Horizontal Form, Fill, Seal Machine, Mfd 2000


1-Used bossar model b-2500/stu-s all stainless steel horizontal form, fill and seal machine. Capable of producing 3-sided bag, maximum dimensions 250mm wide by 270mm deep, and minimum size 100mm wide by 100mm deep. Last running polyethylene bags at approx. 60 bags per minute, machine is also suited for laminate film. Manufactured in 2000, machine is complete with three filling positions for powder and sauce dosing. Features include markem smartdate coder, remote stainless control cabinet, pneumatic liquid injection pump. Last used for packaging frozen stir fry meals with vegetables and sauce components. Equipped with numerous spare parts.


  • Capacity/Model: B-2500
  • Brand: BOSSAR