Labconco “Freezone” 12 Liter Console Freeze Dryer, With Stoppering


1-Used labconco “freezone” 12 liter console freeze dryer with stoppering. Designed for lyophilizing modest to large loads and stoppering vials under vacuum. Stoppering/lyophilizer, s/n 255052, has digital front panel with on/off controls for stoppering. Presently equipped with three shelves in the drying chamber, chamber measures approximately, 12 ½” w x 18” deep. Console features a front viewing window. With single phase electrics, 60 cycle, 115 volt motor. “freezone” 12 freeze drying system, s/n 260336, has refrigeration, vacuum and defrosting cycles and is equipped with an edwards, rv12 self-contained vacuum pump, with 230/208 volt motor. Unit is on casters for portability. (stock# 8137a)


  • Capacity/Model: FreeZone 12
  • Brand: Labconco
  • Stock #: 8137A