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330 Gallon Walker Scraper Agitated Kettle/Tank, 90 PSI Jacket


1-Used Walker Stainless 330 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Scraper Agitated Kettle/Tank, S/N 4456.   Jacket rated 90 PSI @ 331 degrees F. National Board # 1318, Code Stamped.  Internal dimensions approx. 54 in. diameter  X 36 in. deep plus slight cone/dished bottom.  With heavy duty side and bottom scraper agitator and stationary baffle, Vessel driven by 3 HP 3/60/208-230-460 volt TEFC motor.  Equipped with approx. 19 in. diameter off center top manway with hinged lid.  There are four (4) additional top inlets.  Equipped with approx. 2 in. diameter center bottom outlet with hand operated Ladish Valve.  Tank on approx. 32 in. high stainless steel legs.  (Stock #8038L)

Item number: 8038L
Capacity/Model: 330 Gallon
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