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NAFM LX-350 Shrink Labeling /Full Body Sleeve Machine.


1-Used NAFM Shrink Labeling/Full Body Sleeve machine, model LX-350. GMP standard design. Machine is fully servo driven and microprocessor controlled. Equipped with touch screen control panel with user friendly software. Heavy duty construction, designed for 24 hour operations. All exterior paneling are stainless steel. Equipped with power height adjustment. Has OSHA acceptable guards. 200, 46 ounce containers per minute and 180, 64 ounce containers per minute. HMI panel has capability for multiple menus. Machine comes with a steam tunnel as well as an accumulation machine that will hold two rolls. Steam tunnel has adjustable valves that can be adjusted during the labeling process. (L1200)

Item number: L1200
Capacity/Model: LX-350
Brand: NAFM
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