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3 Cu. Ft. Patterson Kelley Twin Shell V Vacuum Tumble Dryer, SS


1-Used Patterson Kelley 3 Cu. Ft. Twin Shell “V” Jacketed Vacuum Tumble Dryer, S/N 239683. Equipped with stainless steel interior construction, this vacuum dryer is jacketed for 30 PSI at 250 Deg. F., National Board # 39124, code stamped. Rated 400 Lbs./CF maximum density, blender is equipped with 6 in. diameter stainless butterfly discharge valve. Drive by 3/4 HP, 3/60/208-230/460 Volt motor, blender has covers, push button starter and is mounted on stand. (Stock #8107)

Item number: 8107
Capacity/Model: 3 Cu. Ft.
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