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18 Cu.Ft. Stainless Steel "Cross-Flow" V Blender, All Stainless Steel


1-Used JDA 18 Cu.Ft. Stainless Steel "Cross-Flow" Tumble Blender, S/N 030108.  Mounted on all stainless steel stand, Blender has covers and is equipped with approx. 5 in. diameter butterfly discharge valve.  With push button on/off starter.  Electrics:  2HP 3/60/220 volt. "Cross-Flow" blending typically provides for a much faster blending process than traditional V Blenders via its "uneven" leg design. This type of design is based on unequal displacement, which produces a strong axial exchange of material from each leg of the Blender to the other.(Stock # 8056A)

Item number: 8056A
Brand: JDA
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