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2,410 Gallon Zero Manufacturing Stainless Dimple Jacketed Tanks (2)


2-Used Zero Manufacturing 2,410 Gallon Stainless Steel Dimple Jacketed Closed Tanks, S/Ns 1-20-36/3043 and 1-20-37/3043.  Equipped with approx. 44 in.  high dimple jacket section surrounding Tanks with Sunne Controls Temperature Adjustment Controls.  Equipped with deep sloped bottom with dual discharges each approx. 2 in. diameter.   Tanks have internal stabilizing rings for agitation shaft, if applicable (agitator not included).  Side manway includes approx. 18 in. diameter round manway and approx. 16 in. X 20 in. oval manway with lids.  On approx. 36 in. high stainless steel legs, Tanks have dished top with approx. 18 in. diameter center manway with lid.  Last used in wine production.  (Stock #L1237)

Item number: L1237
Capacity/Model: 2,410 Gallon
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