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150 Gallon Lee Stainless Steel Scraped Surface Tilt Kettle, with tilt out agitation


1-Used Lee 150 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Scraped Surface Agitated Tilt Kettle, Model 150CWD9MT, S/N A-6869.  Dimensions approximately 42 in. diameter x 36 in. deep, Jacket rated 90PSI at 332 Deg. F., National Board #2716, code stamped.  Equipped with pouring lip and handwheel for tilt discharge, kettle also has approximately 1-1/2 in. diameter center bottom discharge with valve.  Mounted on tubular stand, kettle is equipped with scrape surface agitation and pneumatic cylinder for automatic tilt out of agitator assembly. Electrical specifications 3/60/230-460 Volt, kettle is equipped with T-Verter Variable frequency drive (Stock # 8004B)

Item number: 8004B
Capacity/Model: 150 Gallon
Brand: LEE
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