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1,000 Gallon Mueller Hemispherical Dual Action Scraper Kettle, 40 PSI Jacket


1-Used Paul Mueller Company Approx. 1,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Hemispherical Dual Action Mixing Kettle, Serial P5678-1.  Dimensions approx. 72 in. diameter by 74 in. deep, kettle is rated 40 PSI jacket @ 300 Deg. F, code stamped.  Equipped with scraped surface agitation, as well as approx. 28 in. wide pitched bladed agitator, driven by 10 HP and 20 HP motors and gearboxes.  On legs, kettle has hinged lids, and center bottom outlet with approx. 3 in. tri-clamp outlet with diaphragm valve.  (Stock #8064A)


Item number: 8064A
Capacity/Model: 1,000 Gallon
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