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Complete Filling Line With Mateer Automatic Filler & Kaps-All Capper


1-Pre-Owned Complete Automatic Filling Line last used in  food processing.  Line consists of Kaps-All Rotary Unscrambling Table with Unscrambling Shelf, Mateer/Pneumatic Scale Single Head Automatic Filling Machine with Control Panel, Kaps-All Model A6 Six Spindle Automatic Screw Capper , CVC 300C Pressure Sensitive Spot/Wrap Around Labeler, Videojet Ink Jet Coder, Axon EZ-200 Tamper Evident Bander with Shrink Tunnel and Kaps-All Rotary Accumulating Table.  Further specifications available upon request.  (Stock #8268XX)

Item number: 8268XX
Capacity/Model: Complete Filling Line
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