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12 Spout Filling Equipment Company Pressure Gravity Rotary Stainless Filler, Large Centers


1-Used Filling Equipment Company 12 Spout Stainless Steel Rotary Pressure Gravity Liquid Filling Machine, S/N 9569344.  Equipped with 8 in. centers, "spout to spout, Filler has approx. 138 in. long Stainless Steel Motorized Conveyor with approx. 4-1/2 in. wide plastic tabletop chain.  Current nozzles measure approx. 1-1/8 in. diameter, Filler has Stainless Steel Starter Box with variable speed controls, worm infeed and infeed/discharge control handling parts.  With stainless steel framework, Filler last operated for filling liquid food product.  (Stock # 8076A)

Item number: 8076A
Capacity/Model: 12 Spout
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