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100 Gallon Cherry Burrell SS Jacketed Pressurized Mix Kettle/Reactor, Tilt Out Agitation


1-Used Cherry Burrell Approx. 100 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Pressurized Mix Kettle/Reactor, S/N E-075-93.  Interior dimensions approx. 32 In. diameter x 33 In. deep, plus dished bolted top head and dished bottom head.  Rated maximum internal working pressure 20 PSI at 350 Deg. F., maximum external working pressure 15 PSI at 350 Deg. F. and jacketed 100PSI at 150 Deg. F., National Board # 4054, Code Stamped.  With Lightnin XJC-43-SCR agitator drive, top head has miscellaneous inlets including light instrument. With center-bottom discharge approx. 1-1/2 in. diameter with valve, vessel has stainless steel legs and bottom entering thermowell device.  Unit has stainless control panel with variable speed adjustment and there is a secondary control box with digital temperature readout.  With hydraulic cylinder and Delta Power 2HP self-contained hydraulic unit for automatic tilt-out of agitation.   (Stock# 8142A)

Item number: 8142A
Capacity/Model: 100 Gallon
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